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ZerOkuF - Cough Cold Reliever

Sugar Free Cough Syrup



  • Helps to give immediate relief from cough
  • Mixture of herbs to remove problems of chest and throat
  • Helps to give relief from allergy along with cough
  • Helps to protect from throat problems.
  • Equally beneficial in dry and mucus associated cough.
  • Equally beneficial in old and new cough

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  • 100ml
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ZerOkuF (Sugar Free) - Cough Syrup helps in healing sore throat and helps in relieving all types of coughs. Unlike conventional syrups, it does not contain drowsiness causing ingredients; the natural components of it are free from side-effects. This powerful combination of herbs contains expectorant and mucolytic properties and helps in allergic and other respiratory symptoms.

It contains Tulsi, Vasak, Pipul, Marich, Sunth, Yastimadhu, Haridra, Lavanga, Kantikari and many other herbs extracts and combination of all these ingredients gives an excellent result on Respiratory tract infections, Cough, Cold, Sore throat etc. and keep active all day long.



  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Cough
  • Common cold
  • Sore throat
  • Bronchitis



2-3 t.s.f. 2 times a day after meal or as directed by Physician.

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